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Dryer series

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YFH Single Cylinder Rotary Dryer

First, an overview

The supply of heat for drying can be used in hot air stove, boiling furnace and gasifier, which can be designed according to regional resources, which can effectively reduce production cost.

The heat exchange between the section and the material is full, and the special design of the feeder board is adopted。 At the same time, the multi layer heating device is set up in the dryer so that the heat can be fully stopped in the length range of the horizontal dryer, and the heat exchange with the material is fully realized。

The automatic temperature control system can effectively adjust the heating efficiency of various furnaces and ensure energy conservation.

极速赛车APP The downstream process is used to dry the material so as to keep the activity of the material unchanged.

Two. The main technical performance

Φ1.5×12m Φ1.8×14m Φ2.0×14m Φ2.2×16-18m Φ2.4×18-22m Φ3.0×18-25
烘干形式 顺流 顺流 顺流 顺流 顺流 顺流
生产能力 15-17 18-20 25-28 30-38 42-55 65-75
物料初水分 20 20 20 20 20 20
物料终水分 ≤2
****进气温度 800℃
电机功率 15kw 18.5 kw 22 kw 30 kw 45 kw 55 kw
热耗 3500-3995Kcal/kg 干料(Drier)
热效率 >80%
蒸发强度 40-60 KgH2O/m3h

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