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Dust collector series

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HFMC especially for sand(DMCS)

First, an overview

In recent years, the national requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more strict, and the control and collection of dust in the mine industry is of no delay. In the process of the production of sand stone, the dust will inevitably be produced because of the crushing of the ore. The dust removal device should be added to the process flow of the ore crushing. To this end, we specializes in the design of sand and stone crushing process dust characteristics of the design of the large amount of treatment of high efficiency jet bag filter ---DMC (S) series pulse bag dust collector.

Two, performance characteristics

1。 Large space dust settling chamber is set up inside the dust collector box to reduce the dust concentration entering the cloth bag area and reduce the cloth bag load。 2, the spacing between bags is large, reducing the speed of updraft in the dust removal area, and clearing the ash is easier。 3, the power of screw conveyor is larger than ordinary dust collector (if there is), even if the dust has large particles or high water content, it is not easy to die。 4, the use of easily disassembled pulse valve, cloth bags and other accessories, the use of on-site disassembly and assembly do not need any tools, simple and convenient。 5。 The bag mouth of the filter bag adopts the spring tight structure, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and has good sealing performance。 6。 The box is designed with tightness, good sealing performance, good sealing material for inspection door, leak detection with kerosene in production process, and low leakage rate。 7。 Inlet and outlet air duct is compact and airflow resistance is small。 8, the whole equipment is controlled by PLC to realize automatic ash cleaning and ash unloading。 9, the continuous delivery pump can be selected, and the collected dust can be transported directly into the warehouse for environmental protection and cleanliness。 10。 According to the dedusting site of different equipment, modular and standardized dust remover can be selected。

Three。 Technical parameter table


规格型号 技术参数 DMC50 DMC100 DMC150 DMC200 DMC250 DMC300 DMC350
处理风量(m3/h) 4500-7500 9000-10000 13500-22500 18000-30000 22500-37500 27000-45000 31500-52500
主功率(kw 7.5 15 22 30 37 45 55
外形尺寸(cm 116×216×660 216×216×660 316×216×750 576×216×750 676×216×750 416×296×750 816×216×750 616×296×750 916×216×750 716×296×750


规格型号 技术参数

DMC60 DMC120 DMC180 DMC240 DMC300 DMC360 DMC420
处理风量(m3/h) 5400-9000 10800-18000 16200-27000 21600-36000 27000-45000 32400-54000 37800-63000
主功率(kw 11 18.5 30 37 45 55 75
外形尺寸(cm 116×254×680 216×254×680 316×254×750 576×254×780 416×320×780 676×254×780 516×320×780 816×254×780 616×320×780 916×254×780 716×320×780


规格型号 技术参数

DMC400 DMC500 DMC600 DMC700 DMC800 DMC900 DMC1000
处理风量(m3/h) 36000-60000 45000-75000 54000-90000 63000-105000 72000-120000 81000-13500 90000-150000
主功率(kw 75 90 110 110 132 160 185
外形尺寸(cm 416×550×880 516×550×880 616×550×880 716×550×880 816×550×880 916×590×920 1016×590×920


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