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Release date:2018/5/23
Comparison of bag type dust collector and electric bag compound dust collector 1. Comparison of electrostatic precipitator and bag type dust collector The coal type of coal-fired power plant is relatively stable, but it can not avoid the time when the coal or coal quality changes. The boiler system is a constant change and adjustment system. Therefore, the physical and chemical properties of the flue gas, the concentration of smoke and the dust, the temperature and other parameters from the boiler can not be guaranteed not to change. This series of changes will cause different changes for different precipitators. There are several aspects: 1. The air volume of the sending and draught fans is constant, and the concentration of smoke and dust at the outlet of the boiler is unchanged. For cloth bag filter, the change of smoke concentration only causes the change of bag filter load, resulting in the change of dust removal frequency (automatic regulation). The dust concentration is high, the ash deposition rate on the filter bag is fast, the corresponding ash removal frequency is high, and vice versa, the frequency of ash removal is low, and the emission concentration will not change. The electrostatic precipitator: the change of the dust concentration directly affects the charge of the dust, so it also directly affects the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator, which is finally reflected in the change of the emission concentration. Generally, the concentration of soot increases, the efficiency of dust removal increases, the emission concentration increases correspondingly, the concentration of smoke decreases, the efficiency of dust removal decreases, and the emission concentration decreases accordingly. 2. The boiler smoke and dust volume is constant, and the air volume of the sending and draught fan changes. For the bag filter, the change of the wind speed is caused by the change of the air volume, which causes the change of the resistance of the equipment, but has no effect on the efficiency of the dust removal. The air volume increases, the resistance of the equipment increases, and the output of the induced draft fan increases; conversely, the output of the induced draft fan decreases. For electrostatic precipitator: the change of air volume has little effect on the equipment, but the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator is very obvious with the change of wind volume. If the wind volume increases, the electric field wind speed of the electrostatic precipitator increases and the residence time of dust in the electric field shortens. Although the electric field stroke disturbance enhances the effective drive speed of the charged dust, it is not enough to compensate the negative effects caused by the shortening of the residence time in the electric field and the aggravation of the two times of the dust in the electric field caused by the high wind speed. The efficiency of dust removal is very low; conversely, the efficiency of dust removal has increased, but the rate of increase is not great. 3. Change of temperature The bag dust collector: the flue gas temperature is too low, and the condensation may cause the "paste bag" and the shell corrosion. The flue gas temperature is too high to be too high to allow the filter material to "burn the bag" and damage the filter bag. But if the temperature changes in the temperature range of the filter material, it will not affect the efficiency of dust removal. The temperature that causes adverse consequences is at the extreme temperature (accident / abnormal), so the bag filter must have effective protection measures for the limit temperature control. The electrostatic precipitator: the gas temperature is too low, the condensation will cause the corrosion of the shell or the high pressure climbing, but it is good for the efficiency of dust removal; the temperature of the flue gas is higher and the increase of the dust than the resistance is not beneficial to the dust removal.  Therefore, the flue gas temperature directly affects the efficiency of dust removal, and the effect is more obvious. 4. Change in chemical composition of flue gas (or burning coal) The bag filter: the physical and chemical composition of the flue gas has no effect on the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter. However, if the flue gas contains all components that are corrosive to all filter materials, it will directly affect the service life of the filter material. For electrostatic precipitator, the physical and chemical composition of flue gas directly causes the change of dust resistance, which affects the efficiency of dust removal and has great influence. The most direct effect is the content of sulfur oxide in the flue gas. The higher the content of the sulphur and oxygen, the lower the dust than the resistance, the easier the dust capture, the higher the dust removal efficiency; on the contrary, the efficiency of the dust removal is low. In addition, changes in the chemical composition (such as silicon, aluminum, potassium and sodium content) will also lead to significant changes in the efficiency of dust removal. 5. Airflow distribution There is no direct relationship between dust removal efficiency and airflow distribution, that is, airflow distribution does not affect the efficiency of dust removal. But the local air distribution in the dust collector should be as uniform as possible and can not be too large. Otherwise, the partial load of local load or jet wear will cause local breaking of the bag, which affects the normal service life of the filter bag of the dust collector. Electrostatic precipitator: electrostatic precipitator is very sensitive to the distribution of airflow in the electric field. The distribution of airflow directly affects the efficiency of dust removal. In the performance evaluation of electrostatic precipitator, the root mean square index of air distribution is usually one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of an electrostatic precipitator. 6, air preheater and system pipe leakage To bag filter: the filter material with poor oxygen resistance will affect the life of the bag, for example, RYTON filter material, but the efficiency of the dust collector will not be affected. Due to the increase of air volume in the cold air system, the system resistance increases. There is no obvious change in the resistance of the electrostatic precipitator. However, the increase of the air volume of the system increases the wind speed of the electric field and has an effect on the efficiency of the dust collector. Two. Comprehensive comparison of electrostatic precipitator, bag filter and electric bag composite dust collector. Taking the 300MW coal-fired unit as an example, the comparison between the split chamber positioning reverse blow bag filter and the electrostatic precipitator and the electric bag composite dust collector is as follows. Comprehensive comparison table of bag filter, electrostatic precipitator and electric bag composite dust collector Contrast content FMFBD - 30000 Bag type dust collector 5 electrostatic precipitator electric bag composite dust collector (1 electric field + cloth bag) Treatment of flue gas volume 1780000m3/h 1780000m3/h 1780000m3/h The area is 15 x 36 = 540m2 30 * 45 = 1800m2 30 * 36 = 1080m2 The initial investment is 14 million yuan, 13 million yuan and 16 million 500 thousand yuan The design emission concentration is less than 30mg/Nm3 or less than 50mg/Nm3 30mg/Nm3. The actual emission concentration of less than 30mg/Nm3 often exceeds the design value.
Release date:2018/5/23
The YDMC series pulse bag duster produced by our company is a new type of high effective long cloth bag duster developed by our technical personnel for reference to the advanced dust removal technology at home and abroad. It is widely used in power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries, such as boiler, dust removal, material recovery and dust control. It is a large dust removal equipment with large air volume, good dust cleaning effect, high dust removal efficiency, small area, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. The product is produced by modular production and stable in quality. It has been successfully applied in power, cement, steel and other industries, and can be widely applied to metallurgy, foundry, power, building materials, mining, chemical industry and other industries. In view of the current situation of dust removal and dust remover equipment of coal fired boilers at home and abroad, after extensive analysis, on the basis of the mature technology of YDMC pulse bag filter, we have added a series of protection and detection systems to complete the design of cloth bag dust remover for coal-fired boilers, and it has been obtained on many projects.  To the application and inspection (see user performance table). The YDMC pulse bag filter used by our company has applied a lot of proprietary technology. These proprietary technologies have been recognized by various design institutes and experts, and have been tested in practice.  Mainly: high efficiency pulse injection technology: the reasonable selection of the new type of low resistance, high efficiency and long life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve, the unique design and processing method of the blowout tube, the design of the bypass system and the on-line cleaning system, make the cleaning way of the bag dust collector completely changed. 1. application technology of high temperature resistant filter material: combining the characteristics of the flue gas of coal fired boiler in our country, using the PPS filter material with high performance price ratio, and treating the fiber with PTFE membrane, the problem of high temperature of boiler flue gas, the ordinary filter material can not bear and the ordinary filter life is short, and the performance and price ratio of the filter material is also taken into account. 2. off-line maintenance technology: the application of the new type of lifting valve technology, to realize the non stop maintenance function of the dust collector, (offline, online ash cleaning method can be selected arbitrarily). The protection device of the lifting valve eliminates the fault of the precipitator caused by the lifting valve problem, thus ensuring that the boiler will not be affected by the dust collector. 3. protection technology of dust collector: the application of on-line inspection equipment, such as internal bypass system, pre spraying device, temperature measurement and moisture measurement, and so on. 4. detection and monitoring technology: according to the characteristics of the boiler dust collector, the advanced on-line detection and monitoring equipment, such as the temperature, humidity, the detection of the operating pressure of the dust remover, the detection of the material position, the fault detection of the running equipment, can be set up, and all the measurement, supervision, control, alarm, protection and interlocking in the bag dust collector can be completed. And other functions, can monitor the operation of the dust remover at any time. 5. PLC programmable controller technology: using the PLC programmable controller provided by SIEMENS company, with the communication interface with the system DCS, the bag filter can be controlled by hand / automatic control. 6. resistance control of the equipment: through a series of unique considerations in the design of the equipment, the safety and reliability of the overall resistance of the equipment is guaranteed from the two aspects of the equipment structure and the filter material. The application of the above advanced technology ensures that our company's dust catcher has first-class technology and excellent price performance ratio.
Release date:2018/5/23
1. Introduction of basic process flow of sand production line: Materials such as limestone, granite, granite, Xuan Wuyan, gneiss, pebbles and cobblestones are fed into the jaw crusher evenly through feeding machine. The finished products are conveyed through belt conveyer to broken jaw crusher to break further. The two broken stones pass through belt conveyer to impact sand making The machine is broken again. The crushed stone is conveyed by belt conveyor to vibrating screen to separate the different sizes of stone. The fine stone that meets the requirement of the customer's granularity is transported to the compound artificial sand depuler through belt conveyer. The unqualified coarse stone is returned to the impact sand machine again by the belt conveyor. Forming closed circuit multiple cycles. Three kinds of machine-made sand particles with particle size range can be separated by artificial sand classifier, and the corresponding machine-made sand can be configured according to the engineering needs. The extra coarse sand can be broken into the crusher again, so as to increase the output of the system. 2, the linear energy of the production of sand making is introduced. The production line of this production line has high automation, high crushing rate, low running cost, energy saving and less pollution. The produced mechanism sand conforms to the national standard of building sand, and the grain size is uniform, the grain shape is good, and the gradation is reasonable. The equipment configuration of the production line is mainly determined by the sand usage of the customers according to the specifications, output and customer requirements of the sand. According to the situation of customer production site, provide customers with comprehensive technical process planning and technical support, and can also design non - standard supporting components according to the actual installation conditions of customers. The full set of sand production line equipment produced by our company provides comprehensive technical support for you. The production line of sand making is usually composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vertical impact crusher (sand machine), vibrating screen, artificial sand ZS classifier, belt conveyor, and DCS electric control equipment. The design output is generally 20-60 0 tons / hour. After several years of development and research, our company will be in the leading position in the industry with a complete set of sand production line designed by the vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) with the other series of products of the company. The complete set of sand production line equipment designed and produced by Yancheng City salt rich environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. can be used in the aggregate and artificial sand making operations of hard limestone, granite, Xuan Wuyan, river pebble, smelter and so on. It is suitable for the application of hydropower, building materials, expressway, urban construction and other industries. According to different process requirements, Zhengzhou has combined various types of equipment to meet the different technological requirements of customers. 3. Introduction of basic flow of sand production line The stone material is uniformly sent to the jaw crusher for rough breaking by the vibrating feeder, and the coarse broken material is sent into the sand machine for further breakage by the belt conveyor. The fine-grained material is transported to the vibrating screen to be sieved. The material required by the finished product is graded into the artificial sand grading machine, and the conveyer belt is made up of the finished product. The output is the finished product; the coarse particles which are not required to meet the requirements are reprocessed from the vibrating screen returning to the sand making machine to form a closed circuit and multiple cycles. Product granularity can be combined and graded according to users' needs. If dry production is selected, the corresponding bag type dust removal equipment should be provided according to the environmental protection requirements. 4. Introduction of the linear energy of the production of sand The sand production line has high automation, low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution and easy maintenance. The produced mechanism sand conforms to the national standard of building sand, the grain size is uniform, the grain shape is good, and the gradation is reasonable.
Release date:2018/5/23
The discharge of fly ash can be divided into two types: dry and wet。 Dry ash disposal can be made by comprehensive utilization of separation and grinding process; wet ash disposal is first dried and then separated and finely ground。 The system is flexible in layout, simple in equipment and easy to control。 Thus, the zero emission of coal ash in power plant is realized, and the comprehensive utilization project of fly ash has obvious economic and social benefits, which is widely popularized and used for reference for the wet ash discharge and dry ash discharge of the boiler in the power plant。 First, an overview Fly ash is the largest industrial waste residue。 The comprehensive utilization of fly ash is of great significance to China's economy and environment。 The discharge of fly ash can be divided into two types: dry and wet。 At present, the domestic utilization of fly ash is mainly to dry fly ash with relatively high price, and dry ash can be comprehensively utilized by separating and grinding technology。 Because of the high moisture content, small proportion and low utilization rate of wet ash, it is necessary to use huge capital to build up the yard every year。 It not only takes up the good field, but also is very easy to raise the dust, seriously pollute the environment, and the development and utilization of wet ash can not be delayed。 If it can be used directly, it will produce great social benefits。 After years of practice in the Institute of scientific research and design and the fly ash treatment professional units, the process of drying and sorting wet ash before drying is used, not only to ensure the quality of different kinds of fly ash in power plants, but also to broaden the development and utilization of fly ash more effectively, improve the use grade of fly ash, and further improve the enterprise  Economic and social benefits。 A Two, fly ash drying system According to the characteristics of high moisture content of wet ash, small proportion and suspension after drying, the three layer drum type energy saving dryer for fly ash is developed, which consists of three parts: heating system, heat exchange system, ventilation and dust removal system。 And combine the three together, give full play to its best drying effect, greatly improve the utilization rate of heat energy, and truly realize energy saving, high production and consumption reduction。 This machine is widely used in power plant fly ash, desulphurization gypsum, cement plant slag, clay, building materials and other industries。 The output is 10-50t/h。 Pretreatment: the wet discharge of fly ash from power plants is generally about 45%。 If direct drying is done at this time, the production cost will be greater, and the equipment will also be under great pressure。 It can be stacked for about 15 days in a well ventilated place, so that the moisture content will drop to about 20%。  When the hot air temperature of the fluidized bed furnace reaches 650 degrees, the equipment will start working under the control system。 The wet material conveying equipment will send the wet fly ash with the moisture content less than 20% into the feeding feeder。 The feeding machine has double functions of breaking and transporting, making the material evenly distributed to the belt conveyor, then entering the storage bin, then passing the spiral feeder, and evenly sending the fly ash into the inner layer of the roller, so as to dry the material and make the material be dry。 The material in the inner layer is moved into the middle layer at the other end of the inner layer, and the material is continuously drated into the middle layer, and the material is repeatedly carried forward in the middle layer。 The material is in the two step backward way。 The material absorbs the heat from the inner layer and absorbs the middle layer fully in the middle layer。 The heat of the drum extends the drying time at the same time, and the material reaches the best drying state here。 The material goes to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer。 The material is moving in a rectangular multi loop way in the outer roller, and the drying material is rapidly moving out of the roller under the effect of hot air, and thus the drying process is completed。 Product features: 1, the self insulation heat efficiency of the cylinder is as high as 80% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single dryer is only 35%), and the thermal efficiency is increased by 45%。 2, fuel can adapt to coal, oil and steam。 Bulk, granular and powdery materials that can bake below 20mm 3, compared with the single cylinder dryer, it has reduced the area occupied by 50%, the civil construction investment has decreased by about 50%, and the electricity consumption is less than 60%。 4, the use of alloy steel manufacturing than ordinary steel plate wear resistance 4 times。 5, according to user requirements, we can easily control the final water requirement。 6, the outlet temperature is low, and the dust removal equipment is used for a long time。 7, no need for small and large gears to rotate。 8, discharging temperature below 60%, continuous production of packaging drum dryer main technical parameters: can be re designed according to customer requirements。 Three。 Separation and grinding process of fly ash The system is directly from the original ash bin to take the ash, through the spiral feeder, the electronic weighing is transported into the grinding head hoist after the weight of the air slots, and the hoist is fed into the pulverized machine for the grinding。 The coarse ash after the separation is sent into the mill inlet through the air inclined trough and enters the grinding mill。 The material is contained in the grinding machine after the mill。 A large number of fine ash, once again fed by the hoist to the selected powder separator, is sent to the finished ash bank through the follow-up equipment, and the tail of the mill is equipped with a dust collecting system to collect dust。 Compared with the open road (no separator) system, the output of the fine ash can be increased by 30 to 40%。 Ash reached the standard of grade I ash, and the fine ash fineness was less than 12% (0。045mm square hole sieve residue)。 Precautions for matching reconstruction 1。 When the special classifier for fly ash is used, the mill must be adjusted at the same time。 A, the grinding machine is adjusted to three silos, subdividing the crushing, crushing and grinding functions to three storehouses, reducing the phenomenon of grinding and breaking the grinding function, improving the working conditions in the grinding and eliminating the anti classification of the grinding body at the same time。 B, one or two storehouse and two or three storehouse are used by our company to produce a double screen separating plate device for closed mill。 The sieving seam between the one or two storehouses is 4mm, and the sieving seam of the two or three storehouse is 2。5mm。 (our company provides manufacturing drawings or substitute for processing)。 Use of C and grate grate
Release date:2018/5/23
1, the dryer is scientific and reasonable, high efficiency and energy saving. The heat exchange between the inner cylinder and the hot gas is carried out in the form of radiation, convection and conduction. Heat exchange is carried out in the outer cylinder for conduction and convection. The heat efficiency of the dryer is high and the energy saving effect is remarkable. After testing, the thermal efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional dryer 50%. When the equipment is put into operation, the effect of coal saving is remarkable. 2. The machine adopts material and hot air flow downstream drying process, and has wide application scope. It can be used to dry all kinds of raw materials such as clay, coal, slag, iron powder and so on. It is also suitable for drying various bulk materials in metallurgical and chemical industries. The structure is compact. The whole machine level layout, the support wheel support, the cancellation of the gear transmission, replace it with the wheel drive, so that the equipment installation is more convenient, more simple operation, more reliable operation, higher operation rate. 3, the outer surface area of the machine is more than 30% less than that of the single barrel rotary dryer, and the outer cylinder has the effect of heat insulation and heat insulation on the inner cylinder, the surface temperature of the outer cylinder is low, the heat loss is less, while the efficiency and energy saving, the working environment and labor conditions are greatly improved. 4. The design of various feeder boards, the organic combination of the corner shaped feeder board and the X type feeder to make the material exchange more fully with the hot flue gas and reduce the mechanism of "wind tunnel" in the barrel of the dryer. 5. Adopt variable frequency speed regulation, adjust cylinder rotation speed, according to the incoming water and output requirements, adopt proper speed to ensure the needs of the next working procedure. The automatic temperature monitoring system makes the operation more convenient.
Release date:2018/5/23
The slag dryer wheel is used in the lower end of the roller, and it is first used to bear the component of the cylinder, but after the long time of the slag drying machine, the rear wheel of the slag dryer will show a different degree of wear and wear, and the wear of the front wheel is lighter and less obvious, and the wheel wear is more severe and often becomes saddle shape. Or step shape, on this situation, we should find out the cause of the grim wear of the rear wheel in time, adopt the correct way to prevent the slag dryer wheel wear question. Cause of formation of rear wheel wear of slag dryer 1. The shortcomings of the layout design The layout design does not reasonably pay attention to the severe wear of the rear wheel, because the slag dryer cylinder is placed on the top of the wheel. The layout and scale of the large wheel belt around the barrel are different, the width of the front wheel belt is 120MM, the rear wheel belt is 105MM, and the width of the rear wheel of the three return dryer is the same as 160MM,  From the above figures, the area of the rear wheel and the wheel belt is narrower, and the cylinder is skew the point of view, the pressure of the rear wheel is larger. After a long time operation, the rear wheel is very simple. From a coal pulverizer (usually medium speed mill, double inlet and double out steel ball mill or electric fan mill), the gas - powder two - phase fluid with qualified fineness pulverized pulverized pulverized pulverized pulverized pulverized coal separator is blown directly through several inciners into the furnace and incineration system. The pulverized coal output of this system depends on the boiler load; when a coal mill is out of operation, the incinerator unit connected with it will be shut down accordingly. The temperature of the inlet of the primary air powder mixture for the boiler incineration with the direct blowing system is controlled by the temperature of the coal mill outlet. The anthracite, which is more difficult to fire, is often too low. In order to deal with this question, a "semi direct pulverizing system" can be used, that is, a fine powder separator and a gas lock are installed on the primary air line after the coarse powder separator, and then the hot air can be used to replace the waste dry agent as the primary air. 2. The operator is not properly operated The improper operation of the operator will also cause the grim wear of the rear wheel. For example, some mine processing plants do not pay attention to the upward and downward movement of the barrel or the adjustment method of the rear wheel when it is in the dry material, and the effect of the rear wheel in the whole process is greatly changed, and the wheel wear is grim after the formation. 3. The repair method is not correct When the slag drying machine is used for a long time, because of the effect of the high temperature airflow for a long time, the wheel belt and the cushion board on the cylinder will be severely worn and deformed, the wheel belt can be changed back to the ellipse, then the pressure of the wheel will change, and the end will make the wheel grim wear.
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