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Yancheng Yanfu Environmental Protection Co。,Ltd。 Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in flue gas dust treatment and in the deveopment,design and production of environmental equipment。The company adheres to the operating and service principle of“focusing on every detail while creating value for customers”。 In addition,the compang practices the business philosophy of“keeping pragmatic,efficient,pioneering and innovative”Since its establishment,the company has stuck to the development direction of protection and energy saving equipment。 We have built a nationwide service network providing customers with comprehensive,thoughtful and rapid service。 This has helped us to win a wide range of care and support,Up to now,the company’s products have been widely involved in more than 10 industries such as electricity,steel,building materials,nonferrous metallurgy,chemical industry,food and so on。

极速赛车APPOur company mainly produces YDMC plulse olng bag filter (negative pressure),YDW new horizontal electrostatic precipitator ,YQM gas box pulse dust collector (negative pressure) and other highly efficient new environmentally friendly products.The company has gained certain advantages in the domestic environmental protection machinery field and for has made contributions to China’s environmental protection. For grinding equipment ,we has developed a modified O-sepa separator,YZX efficient combination separator,MD efficient dynamic separator, TS internal cycle efficient three-seated separator,efficient double-rotor separator,efficient closed-circuit screening devices and other new products with leading domestic level.

Energy saving and emissiom reduction, environmental protection and dedusting。

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